Anita Oakey – Interior Design Graduate

Anita Oakey - Interior Design Graduate

I attended the VTOS Interior Design and Decoration course from September 2005- May 2007. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that I almost missed out on due to a lack of confidence. I signed up for September 2004, but fear held me back and it took all my strength to retry the following September.

The amazing support and encouragement I received from the tutors and staff at the college gave me the courage and confidence I needed, and the friendships I formed with my class will stay with me for life. Having three small children, I had many problems with childcare but I received amazing support and the college was flexible which made it possible for me to continue to the end.

This course not only built my confidence but has given me skills that I can carry through to a future career. When I began, I wished only for a little but I gained much more. I initially wanted to learn curtain-making, hoping to do a little sewing at home to make some money. Instead, I discovered hidden talents for art and design. I have since taken on a course to further my education in interior design with the long-term plan of becoming a self-employed interior designer.

Without the start, or the support, encouragement and flexibility that the Waterford Adult Education Centre has given me, I would not have realized the talent, ability or the ambition within me, nor would I have the confidence to pursue a career. If I can do it, so can you! Just take one step at a time and you might even surprise yourself.

Anita Oakey is now employed as an Interior Designer consultant with Ormond Soft Furnishings.